Start your own website

Thinking about starting your own website or blog? I did too! About four months ago I started this blog with two intentions. The first was that I wanted to learn about building websites (I’m the perpetual student!) and share my crochet and knitting designs with the world. I love seeing what everyone makes with my patterns and hearing about all the great things you make – both for yourselves and for charity. The second reason was to make some extra money to help support my family – more on this in a later post.

After doing A LOT of research (I’d hate to think how many hours!) I bit the bullet and gave it a go – and so far it’s going great! In the hopes of saving some of you time from having to do all that research yourselves, I’ve decided it would be a good idea to share what I’ve learnt on here and how everything is working for me so far. I intend to continue updating this page with more information as I go, so if you would like to keep updated with what I find out please follow my blog (link on the right hand side of the screen for desktop, at the bottom of the page for mobile).

  1. Choosing Hosting